CSW Italia S.r.l.

For over 30 years
specialists in international shipments

We reduce distances using only l’efficacia

We're based in Reggio Emilia - Italy, but thanks to our partners located on a global scale we can ship anywhere in the world ensuring that your transport will be supported by a qualified team, capable of handling all the delicate stages during the journey.


Thanks to our qualified partners and the seriousness with which we design and organize each shipment, we can deliver your goods anywhere in the world.


CSW Italia plans, manages, supervises, and customizes your shipment..
It's the freight forwarder who knows your goods, your company, your needs, and offers you the best logistics solution for your requirements.


Thanks to our experience and to our contacts in various countries, we know how to handle the bureaucratic issues that different countries present. You won't have to worry about these aspects and can focus on your business..


We don't own trucks, airplanes, trains, warehouses. For each request, we study,together with the customer and our business partners worldwide, the best way for that journey. In this way, we try to balance the needs of time, budget, and guarantees
for everyone's satisfaction.


Every shipment has its own requirements (time, costs, dimensions) and requires the suitable means to be carried out in the best possible way. For this reason, we ship both by sea, land, and air. We are able to handle exceptional or temperature-controlled transports.


Our experience allows us to thoroughly understand your needs, to ensure punctual assistance and a transport tailored to your requirements, your timing, and your possibilities.

Air shipments

Speed and Security

CSW Italia offers air shipping services, ensuring fast delivery times and reliability in results. Thanks to our collaboration with first-class logistics partners, we ensure that your goods reach international destinations safely and on time. Our integrated approach to air logistics includes monitoring delivery times, real-time shipment tracking, and handling any customs issues to ensure a smooth shipping process.

Sea shipments

Flexibility and Coverage

Sea transport is an efficient choice for large volumes of goods. CSW manages both FCL and LCL shipments, offering flexibility and coverage in sea routes. The security of your cargo is our priority, and our sea shipping network includes consolidation services, insurance, and storage at key ports and terminals worldwide.

Road transport

Coverage and Punctuality

CSW offers road transport services to meet shipping needs in Europe and beyond. The flexibility and coverage of the network we have built ensure safe and punctual delivery of your goods, and advanced tracking technology ensures real-time visibility of your cargo throughout the journey.

Intermodal transport

Combined Efficiency

CSW's intermodal solution combines different modes of transport to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. We guarantee optimal management of your cargo through a strategic combination of road, rail, and sea transport. Our expertise in integrating various modes of transport ensures a seamless flow and punctual delivery.

Industrial removals

Comprehensive and Secure Management

In addition to traditional shipping services, CSW specializes in industrial relocations. We offer comprehensive and secure management of machinery and industrial equipment relocations, ensuring operational continuity during the transition. Industrial relocation requires expert management and a functional workflow, and our specialized team is capable of providing all the support you need.

Shipments to Cyprus

We eliminate the geographical gap.

Cyprus is one of the first countries with which we have established a strong commercial connection. Thanks to a specific presence on the territory, for over 30 years we have ensured efficient and widespread shipments by sea to the territory - covered de facto by the Republic of Cyprus. During transportation, we take care of issuing the T2L customs certification, presenting the exporter's invoice in support.

Self Storage

Find the space that suits you best.

Find the space that suits you best. Self-storage is a perfect solution to have a warehouse always adaptable to your needs. Our storage facilities are a simple and practical solution. We provide companies with a large equipped area that allows us to store any type of goods, protecting the quality of the products and the integrity of the packaging. Our strength also lies in offering dedicated personnel to manage the entire workflow.


For many years, we have been partners with JCILO, a large network on a global level that brings together and connects the best specialists in logistics and shipping from every continent. The JCILO network is a true alliance of companies, where each partner provides logistical know-how and legal expertise for their own country, putting their infrastructure at the service of the needs of other affiliates.