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The road shipment
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We plan international road transport with punctual and customized solutions

In the case of non-packable goods, CSW Italia helps you choose the specific vehicle you need, such as silo trucks for powders, tankers for liquids, car transporters for vehicle transportation, and refrigerated trucks for goods requiring controlled temperature. In the case of oversized cargo, we will resort to exceptional transport, for which we will handle the detailed and complex organization on your behalf.



Road transport, allowing for immediate door-to-door delivery, is the most widely used shipping method in Italy. The most common vehicles used in road shipments are the articulated lorry (consisting of a tractor unit and a semi-trailer no longer than 13.6m) and the road train (a truck-tractor paired with a trailer, enabling the transportation of larger volumes).
The articulated lorry is particularly suitable for intermodal transport, as during the journey and depending on the load, it is possible to attach the semi-trailer to different tractors.
For shipments of reduced volume or urgent shipments, the truck can also be used, characterized by greater mobility but also by a lower loading capacity.

CSW Italia assists you in planning international road transport with precise and personalized solutions, carefully managing every stage of the shipment. We provide specific consultancy services to assist with bureaucratic and customs procedures, guiding you in the selection of Incoterms, issuance of the ATR certificate and TIR carnet , and completion of the CMR and DDT waybills.

We can carry out road transport - shipping any type of cargo - in Full Truck Load (FTL) or Groupage mode, throughout the European Union and also towards Eastern Europe.

The Full Truck option - for full-scale transport - involves single-destination transportation, utilizing the entire cargo space for a single client. This solution, in the case of shipments that can completely fill the transport vehicle, is the most advantageous in terms of cost and security.

Alternatively, in cases where the goods are not in large quantities, we resort to Less than Truck Load (LTL) shipping - also known as groupage. Groupage road shipping involves multi-destination transportation, where goods from different clients share a single vehicle. This solution, undoubtedly more economical than FTL, entails slower delivery times and increased handling of the cargo.


Weekly/daily departures, direct services, services with transshipments, destinations within the European Union, destinations towards Eastern Europe, top/side/rear loading, full loads, groupage, temperature-controlled shipments, exceptional transports (authorizations, permits, lashing), intermodal (swap bodies), high-volume shipments, container positioning.


Delivery with unloading reservation, crane/forklift rental, escort services for high-risk countries, shipment tracking, All Risks insurance, guidance for completing CMR and DDT waybills, assistance with the issuance of commercial documents (Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Letter of Credit, Certificates of Origin), assistance with TIR Carnet issuance, assistance with ATR issuance.


General goods, out-of-gauge goods, fragile goods, ADR goods, perishable goods, personal effects, foodstuffs, temperature-controlled goods.

Road transport allows for door-to-door delivery directly to the destination point, avoiding the need for additional means to reach the final location. In addition to door-to-door delivery, road freight transport offers flexible and customizable departures and proves to be quick and convenient for short distances.

On the downside, it is a type of transport with limited loading capacity, subject to the risks and flow of road traffic, and a source of greater pollution compared to, for example, rail transport.

Together, we can arrange the best road transport solution for your goods, ensuring their safe arrival anywhere in the world.